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Recycle and brush site hours:

Sun/Mon/Weds/Sat 9-3pm

Recycling Charges

  Town of Townsend Recycling Charges

(Feb 2022)

Sun/Mon/Weds/Sat 9am – 3pm



Couch                                                  $15.00

Sofa Bed                                             $15.00

Recliner/Chair                                     $10.00

Mattress                                              $10.00

Box-spring                                          $10.00



Freezer                                                            $15.00

Refrigerator                                         $15.00

Air Conditioner                                   $15.00

Dehumidifier                                       $15.00

Other Appl. w/ Freon                          $15.00



Microwave                                          $10.00

Television                                            $20.00

Computer Monitor                              $15.00

Computer core/Laptop                        $10.00

Computer printers                               $ 5.00

Computer Hard drive                          $ 5.00

Misc. Electronics                                $ 3.00

Ballast                                                 $ 5.00

Light Bulbs                                         $ 0.50

Specialty Bulbs                                   $ 1.50



Tires up to 19 inches                           $ 5.00

Tires over 19 inches                            $10.00

Heavy Equipment Tires                      $20.00

    Tires with Rims                   Add $1.00 to above


Oil/Filters/Antifreeze/Absorbents       $1.00 per 3 gallons


$5.00 charge to remove tires from bicycles, lawn mowers, ect

Effective 2021, only #1 and #2 plastic will be accepted in the Recycling compactor.  Please place all other plastic items in the trash

The Town of Townsend will not and cannot accept building materials from new or existing projects.


For disposal, bring to the Mar-Oco landfill in Crivitz phone #  715-854-7530

or contract with a dumpster service.  

Waste Management 855-292-6029 

Great American 800-774-9006

Please breakdown cardboard boxes before going into the compactor

Florescent lights need to placed in the shed NOT the compactor

Furniture items need to be put inside the dumpster

Remove plastic & rubber from items going into the scrap metal pile or there will be a $5.00 fee

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